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CozyChic® Covered in Prayer® Throw

Covered In Prayer was created by our founder, Annette Cook. Annette found inspiration in her fight against cancer and created the Covered In Prayer collection, designed with a spiritual message on each ultra plush blanket. Her inspiration was to give back to a community that supported her and to provide products that bring comfort both physically and spiritually. As each product from the collection is purchased, Barefoot Dreams will give a percentage of the proceeds to The Wunder Project; a progressive charity that gives directly to the doctors and researchers developing a cure for colon cancer. Have faith that each day when one needs comfort, a Covered In Prayer product will make a difference. Barefoot Dreams is Love and Compassion® In honor of Annette Leslie Cook, 1964 - 2012.
Stone / Beach Rock / Hope for Peace
Linen / Cream / Live With Grace
Oyster / Pearl / Bless This Life
Charcoal / Espresso / Faith in Prayer